Announcing RSD5, Relating Systems Thinking to Design 5

Peter JonesService Design, Social Systems Design, Strategic Innovation, Systemic Design

RSD5  Systemic Design for Social Complexity

Relating Systems Thinking and Design 5 Symposium
OCAD University      Toronto, Canada      October 13-15, 2016

The RSD series has advanced an agenda for exploring a strong integration between systems thinking and design to take on the most important challenges facing our planet today. RSD4 held in Banff, Canada September 2015 brought together nearly 200 people together from around the world to explore new dimensions in design-led systems design, transformation and research.  The keynote videos are now available, and the full proceedings are published online.

Join us in the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, October 2016 for the fifth symposium hosted at OCAD University  to accelerate a convergence of design, social, and technology fields toward co-creating humanized (eco)systems. The theme of Systemic Design for Social Complexity represents our continuing focus on advanced systemic and service design for contemporary and futures-oriented societal concerns. All social systems become complex over time, developing resilience, and increasing resistance to structural change. Systemic design challenges typically face multiple dilemmas in defining successful outcomes and orientations to change.

Systemic design approaches negotiate the dilemma of emergence and governance. Appeals to users and constituents are made through bottom-up generative modes of change through leverage and transition, leading to emergent change. And simultaneously – stakeholders in system governance are engaged with top-down modes of strategic design and foresight.

We invite papers and proposals for panels and dialogues that contribute new knowledge and learning from completed case and field research in the following topics:

  • Social System and Transition Design
  • Service Design, Healthcare System Design
  • Complex Sociotechnical Systems
  • Democracy, Policy Design and Modes of Governance
  • Public Services Design and Civic Innovation
  • Theories and Methods of Systemic Design
  • Systemic Business and Organizational Design
  • Sustainability and Socio-ecological Policy
  • Built Environment and Design of Settlements
  • Capacity Building and Development

The call for participation has not been formally announced, but within January we will announce the call for paper abstracts, workshop proposals, and dialogue panel proposals. We will soon annonce our 2016 partners and venues, and continue to engage and answer questions on the SDRN LinkedIn site.