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The Service Design College is hosting this year’s conference as the SDD Leadership Summit, September 15 & 16 in Barcelona. Co-author Kristel Van Ael and I are leading the track on systems leadership and systems thinking in the intensive leadership training. SDD organizer Inge Keizer writes about the event:

Leadership is a dynamic and complex process that requires those who lead to navigate ever-changing landscapes and design for the future. To be effective, you must be resilient, adaptable, and capable of embracing uncertainty. Anticipating change, staying ahead of the curve, and working collaboratively with diverse teams are essential qualities for leaders to possess in today’s fast-paced world.

To achieve these goals, you must take risks and engage in partnerships for change that can help drive innovation and create positive impact. This requires a deep understanding of the ecosystem in which the organisation operates and a willingness to challenge assumptions, embrace new perspectives, and pivot as circumstances dictate.

Kristel and I have been developing new tools and practices extended from the Design Journeys book and the SD Toolkit. All of the workshop we’re leading is brand new. Join us if you can – See more at the SDD website and the SDD LinkedIn events page.