The Redesign Network works internationally across a wide community of great people. We create successful and enduring information resources for complex practices and work. Redesign advocates systemic design for practice and services, based on understanding the patterns and meaning of human activity. adapting innovative methods from interpretive and empirical traditions.

The Redesign Network specializes in depth research for understanding human information behavior. Providing research insight at the point of decision, we help clients achieve a successful total lifecycle of design and development for complex products and services.











We coordinate and co-create the design of market leading interactive information services. We coordinate strategy for new product innovation, and help organizations achieve masterful design practices.


Research “at the point of decision” informs the management of innovation. Design decisions require authentic, relevant, credible user and market understanding. If we fail to create the right product for the marketplace of use, it does not matter if people find it usable and beautiful.

Organizational practices and projects must be guided by effective strategic design and management. We facilitate collaborative practices for strategic design and decision making, advanced by the organizational sensemaking processes we call Dialogic Design.

Research leads to informed design & decision making, fitting the user, practice, and context. Delivering innovation, insight, for experiences that work, for people.

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