Bounce Beyond – The Next Economies are Ecological

Peter JonesCultural innovation, Ecological economics, Social Systems Design

The mission of Bounce Beyond is to accelerate initiatives working to make regenerative, life-centered economies realizable at scale through examples of “next economies” communities. We call these Collaborating Next Economies Communities in Transformation (CoNECTs). Bounce Beyond is an action and learning community of CoNECTs and people with deep transformations experience. We currently sponsor and support four CoNECTs.

  • Bioregional localization programs (e.g. South Devon Fibreshed)
  • Emerging ecological economies (e.g. Doughnut economy projects)
  • Industry groups (Seafood 2030) and sectors (European Healthcare) planning for systems change
  • Large-scale SDG initiatives, at the national or regional level

Our mission is to demonstrate the potential to make life-centered economies realizable at scale through exemplars of “next economies” communities. Believing that the conventional economy is a key driver of the crises we are now facing and that responding to people’s pressing need for livelihoods in ways that address the crises is critical, Bounce Beyond focuses on connecting and strengthening the emerging next economies.

These next economies have been growing already in many locations and sectors, operating in modest niches. There is a real danger that in this crisis moment, their work will be swept away by the prevailing world systems in the regions, the entrenched economic powers intent on resuming global growth at any cost and ignoring its true cost to people and planet.  Bounce Beyond will enable collaboration between emerging next economy initiatives and provide the support system for greater impact and expansion.

Core to Bounce Beyond is the development of an action and learning community including leading examples of these Next Economies initiatives. These include two different types of initiatives:

  1. Next Economies that are place-based (focused on a particular geographical area of activity e.g. towns, cities, political jurisdictions, watersheds, bioregions) with a broad engagement in economic transformation across sectors;
  2. Next Economies that are focused around particular issues/sectors (e.g. seafood, finance, tourism, education) with participants across a variety of places and digital platforms.

The Bounce Theory of Change

Bounce Beyond is a catalytic program to create dialogue-deliberation-action processes locally-globally to accelerate the emergence of next economies that reflect an overall vision of an environmentally and socially flourishing planet.
As we are individually leaders of multiple related initiatives, and these commitments require dedicated sustainment of continuing projects organizations, we (may) not have the collective capacity to lead new independent projects as principals. The overall approach in Bounce Beyond is:

  • An umbrella group of initiatives that collectively are creating a powerful transformations system for the new economies
  • Led by those at the forefront of defining and working for the transformed economies
  • With planetary impact, through bioregional or local programs
  • Shared understanding of participants’ transformation systems for new economies

The Theory of Change as portrayed in the sketchnote shows:

  • The motivation of urgent action in response to societal problems that manifest from economic predations
  • The assembling of a wide range of committed stakeholders for engaging up to 10 cosmolocal next economy projects
  • These projects are conceived as Crossing the Chasm after leading adopters to early majority
  • The Bounce envisions a Three Horizons staging where the Crossing occurs in Horizon Two for a number of years
  • The BB program leads through catalytic actions we see as Amplify, Cohere/Connect, and Integrating.
  • The ultimate impact being life-centred flourishing economies in these regions.