Systemic Design Symposium

Peter JonesSocial Systems Design, Systemic Design

Relating Systems Thinking and Design is a free and open symposium in Oslo, Norway over two days with a preceding full day with diverse workshops. The symposium is provided for free, and is open to accepted presentations and to invited and guest participants.

The symposium will take place at Oslo School of Architecture and Design for:

9th October: Workshops

10th – 11th October: Symposium

Purpose of Symposium
The emerging renaissance of systems thinking in design responds to the increasing complexity in all challenges faced by designers and transdisciplinary innovators. Our worlds have become too complex for linear and goal-driven management, resulting in hopelessly complicated social, economic, and political systems. The global demand for sustainability, democratic economies, and the emerging social arrangements for better education, employment, and development have become too complex for conventional thinking.

About 50 authors have contributed brief papers and presentations for the 2 day symposium in 5 theme areas derived from the papers themselves. New thinking in systemic design incorporates advanced design research, service design for complex systems, and emerging design theory informed by systems thinking.