Integrative Design Healthcare Charette

Peter Jones Design for Care, Innovation, Systemic Design

Prof John Marshall, program director for the new Stamps School of Design Integrative Design MDes, invited us to facilitate a multi-stakeholder charrette in December with their students and professors to develop proposals for the Ann Arbor VA Hospital and community. Working with John and the VA’s key stakeholders for innovation and ambulatory care, the Redesign team employed a modified Basadur Simplexity structure to guide the proceedings.

The charrette included medical industry professionals, design leads and managers from Guardian Industries, Stryker, U.S. Army veterans, and of course stakeholders from the VA Healthcare System to work in small groups to identify, map out and explore core challenges for proposing focal points for action. The Stamps graduate design students produced excellent footage and photographs to document the session.


Redesign partner Patricia sketched the full-length visual narrative to capture the process, stages, and plenary results from the day’s sessions. The focus of the workshop entailed two significant challenges:

  • How do we develop different ways of understanding what is important to VA patients?
  • How can we go about creating connections with our patients beyond their disease process or treatment?










































Continuing documentation of the Stamps MDes student work continues online with process, stories, and progress.