RSD5 Symposium Proceedings

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Every year we publish the proceedings of the RSD Symposium as an Open Access online serial, following the conference, in a post-publication model allowing authors to gain feedback from participants and fold community insights into their publishable work.  The following RSD5 presentations have PDF decks, sketchnotes, and published articles now available. See the RSD5 site for papers, keynotes, and photographs.

Proceedings of Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD5) 2016 Symposium. Toronto, Canada, October 13-15, 2016.

Published by: Systemic Design Research Network        Toronto, Canada
ISSN 2371-8404 

Published Articles

All articles and abstracts are copyright (c) 2016 by the respective authors, unless stated otherwise.

Design for Public Value

  • Philippe Beaulieu-Brossard: US SOCOM Goes Google
  • Tareq Emtairah, Helen Avery and Khaldoon Mourad: Visioning Labs with displaced academics as a design strategy for sustainable post-conflict reconstruction
  • Bridget Malcolm, Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer: Developing a systemic design practice to support an Australian government regulatory agency

Advanced Policy Design

  • Nenad Rava: Designing for policy and institutional change in governance
  • Silvia Barbero & Agnese Pallaro: Systemic Design & Policy Making: The Case of the Retrace Project
  • Karen Ingerslev & Trine Naldal: Citizens as Co-designers: Facilitating systemic change at the policy level

Process Innovation

  • Alex Ryan, Alexander Baumgardt & Paul Pangaro: Playing with Fire: Designing With and for tension in Groups
  • Fredrik Eive Refsli & Dino Karabeg: Enabling Systemic Transformations
  • Philippe Vandenbroeck & Kristel Van Ael: Codifying Systemic Design: A Toolkit
  • Gordon Rowland: Systemic Design as an Explanation of Powerful Learning Experience
  • Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer: Human-Centred Design for Social Complex Service Systems
  • Allenna Leonard: The Viable System Model and Team Syntegrity process
  • David Ing & Susu Nousala: Curriculum Making for Trito Learning: Wayfaring into a meshwork of systems thinking

Service Design for Care and Wellness  

  • Katharine Zywert: Medicine in the Anthropocene: Modern Healthcare and the Transition to an Ecologically Viable Society
  • Peter Pennefather, West Suhanic, Katie Seaborn, & Deborah Fels: Eudaimonic Flourishment though Healthcare System Participation in Annotating Electronic Health Records
  • Vanessa Rodrigues & Josina Vink: Shaking up the Status Quo in the healthcare system 
  • Karen Oikonen, Paul Holyoke, Rizzi, Stephenson, & Sethi: The Reflection Room: Shifting from death-avoiding to death-discussing

Theory & Method

  • Birger Sevaldson: A Library of Systemic Relations
  • Manuela Aguirre, Natalia Agudelo, & Jonathan Romm: Facilitating generative emergence within large-scale networks
  • Mehdi Mozuni & Wolfgang Jonas: A Morphological Analysis tool for complex future-oriented scenarios
  • Joshua Bloom & Ahmed Ansari: Time and Transition
  • Jeremy Bowes & Peter Jones: Synthesis Maps: Systemic Design pedagogy, narrative, and intervention
  • Tim Tompson: Visualising project actor-networks with oral histories
  • David McKenzie, Darwin Muljono & Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders:  Collective dreaming in a virtual world: The first step
  • Thomas Wendt: Arational Design

Design for Sustainability and Flourishing

  • Swayang Das, Beda Prakash Das, Sushant Arya & Praveen Nahar: Democratizing Social Innovation: Establishing the platform of Internet of Things in India through Systemic design Thinking and Design
  • John Cassel: Permaculture Assessment: Finding reliable processes for assembling closed resource cycles and effective energy pathways
  • Joanna Boehnert: Mapping controversy in environmental communication
  • Sarah Tranum: Case Study: Using a systems design model to bring clean water to rural and slum communities in India

Design of Future Systems

  • Kimberley Peter & Michael Schaus: Understanding Bitcoin currency and Blockchain technology as a media system
  • Eleonora Fiore: Ethical challenges of the Internet of Things in the household environment
  • Carlos Teixeira & Laura Forlano: Digital manufacturing and the future of innovation systems in Chicago

System and Service Design

  • Eunki Chung: Designing Service Entanglements: Towards stakeholder-centered perspectives in design
  • Nourhan Hegazy, Prateeksha Singh, Christina Doyle & Caralyn Quan: Made-In-Canada system ecology: Towards a more sustainable garment industry
  • Perin Ruttonsha: Form follows meaning, meaning follows form: Surrendering the innocence of design

Design for Complexity

  • Evan Barba, Yasir Majeed and Christopher Miller: Hierarchy-in-flux: Co-evolving a distributed user interface for orbiting robots
  • Greg vanAlstyne & Robert Logan: Designing for Emergence : Integrating systems and design
  • Sine Celik, Jo Van Engelen, Han Brezet, Peter Joore & Linda Wauben: Managing Creativity: Oxymoron or necessity?