Relating Systems Thinking & Design 3

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RSD3 2014 Symposium

Following the successful Relating Systems Thinking & Design (RSD2 symposium) last year, RSD3 seeks to engage a wider audience, maintaining the lightweight style of a small symposium where every participant can easily meet. Registration is open for RSD3 – taking place again at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, October 15-17.

Since last year the organizing committee has co-created an international team to develop collaborative research and curricula, as the Systemic Design Network.  We are convinced that integrated, more effective systems thinking and methods are required for addressing complex societal concerns – and our observation is that educational programs and design agencies are not providing the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with systemic design issues. We believe a stronger integration with design and design thinking is a promising way forward. Last year’s symposium geared up the expectations and increased the enthusiasm.

This year’s presenters are sharing significant progress, constructive projects and research that demonstrates or leads deeper impact on society in domains of social conflict and democracy, new economies, healthcare and community well-being, education and ecological flourishing. We are looking for a deeper understanding of the potential for enhancing design practice, as well as developing firm theoretical foundations for a progressive movement.

Behind all of this we wish to reinforce a dialogue on systemic design: How can we reinvent and innovate the relationship between design and systems thinking?

We have 5 keynote speakers confirmed as:

  • Ranulph Glanville
  • Hugh Dubberly
  • Ann Pendleton-Jullian
  • John Thackara
  • Daniela Sangiorgi

We extend an enthusiastic welcome to join us in the dialogue at RSD3.




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