H1N1 Online Response site

Peter Jones Wu Wei

Microsoft in collaboration with Emory and CDC has set up a consumer website for self-assessment of the H1N1 fl – www.h1n1responsecenter.com

I found this at HealthTechnica.com, a very professional blog site with the tagline “Patients First, Technology First.” However, much of the tech seems more administrative than patient-centered, is as most healthcare technology. (A point which is proven, by this site, further below the quote.)

As a public service, the H1N1 assessment is helpful and as discussed on the site:

The patient is able to self empower and take advantage of clinical knowledge without having to go into primary care or an emergency room. Additionally, if the patient does find that they are likely to have a flu bug, they are able to simply print their results or save them to Microsoft HealthVault for digital retrieval. The Microsoft HealthVault option is very nice for patients that have signed up for a branded Personal Health Record (PHR) like Mayo Clinic’s Health Manager. Their data will automatically flow to their PHR and they do not have to worry about transportation or security of the information.  The two options of paper and digital are equally valuable to a provider.

A search of HealthTechnica found a recent video of snippets of frustrating episodes from clinical users of handhelds, websites, EMRs, and workstations (COWS). Its quite funny, with utterances of Canadian cuss words such as from “shnocks.” Healthcare Human Factors from Toronto’s University Health Network produced the video, at humanfactors.ca