Service Design for Care Workshop

Peter Jones Cultural innovation, Design for Care, Social Systems Design

We have started a quarterly series of healthcare service design workshops at OCADU for stakeholder networks, health providers and health agencies.  With an explicit focus on service design and design-led research in healthcare, we hope to raise awareness of the practices and models for service design in clinical and community care settings.

Workshop 1 – Inspiring health movements in community networks:  Community network innovations

Dr. Rick Botelho, Family physician and U Rochester School of Medicine


Challenge:  How can we mobilize people within their local and extended social networks to socialize health learning and experience to improve population health in the community?

Description:  We address the problem of community health through the approach known as catalytic innovation, creating lightweight modes of peer learning appropriate for different types of social networks (online, neighborhood, community centres). To overcome the scarcity mindset in healthcare, patients become an integral solution to these complex problems. These peer-driven services complement professional services and build growing networks of peer learning and coaching for health improvement.

The Health Coaching Buddies learning process developed by Dr. Botelho represents such a convenient, inexpensive and accessible peer learning system. These processes aim to improve health behaviors such as self-care of chronic diseases, improving health literacy, reducing social isolation and enhancing personal happiness and social well-being. These innovations can be made widely available, using social media, online programs and mobile phones. They are designed to create meaningful learning experiences that aim to accommodate people’s particular worldviews, needs, preferences and life circumstances, instead of making people fit into a particular program, theory, clinical approach or setting.

Objective: The workshop will engage participants to think systemically about population and community health improvement and to design possible interventions for peer support. It will focus on the first two phases of a 3-phase process: inspiration and ideation (but not implementation).

Methods:  Workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Frame the complex social challenge (continuous sharing and promotion of health support in community level)
  • Identify innovation opportunities
  • Visualize and specify service concepts proposed by small groups of participants
  • Formulate, conceive or propose catalytic innovations for community health improvement

Workshop Outcome: Imagine transformational leaders, innovators, organizations and communities working synergistically to:

  • Proactively disseminate peer learning and coaching systems at all levels
  • Align leadership, professional and social movements
  • Build exponential heath movements