Recent Reviews for Design for Care

Peter JonesDesign for Care

Design for Care has apparently been discovered by the larger design community this year, after a year in print!  With the launch in June 2013, I had thought that between Rosenfeld Media and my own decently-connected network we might find numerous reviews in the first few months – but more reviews have emerged so far this year. Of course I’m appreciative, they’re all insightful pieces, and its so heartening to me to find that readers are getting the message. The late reviews trend also indicates that the book may have several cycles of discovery. Some of the more in-depth reviews include:

These are primarily reviews within design publications – there are only a few in the healthcare field, and I hope to see more uptake in the clinical and educational domains. My hope is that the late appreciation of the work suggests that the book was slightly ahead of its time, and is connecting with thoughtful readers as its discovered, rather than through reviews being pushed by author or publisher.