Patricia Kambitsch’s Looks Like Howard

Peter Jones

In the midst of the Midwest’s blizzard, Patricia Kambitsch kept her date with destiny and launched her new memoir Looks Like Howard, now available online and everywhere through Behler Publications. We held the Surf ‘N Soul event at Therapy in Dayton Saturday, and our crowd packed the place with friends and book lovers, catching the Nick Kizirnis band playing their surf rock set, followed by DJs AJ RockWell and Scorpius Max churning out the old soul Chicago House.

Patricia was on the air on Rev Cool’s Around the Fringe show on WYSO Friday, braving the onset of the blizzard to share from the new book, with the Rev playing Nick’s Mulchmen recordings. Max read the chapter Trash Day on the air, and the Miami Valley was told in very certain terms that the show will go on Saturday! The show did, indeed. Nick and his lineup of Jim McPherson (drums), Brian Hogarth (bass), Dennis Mutter (guitar), and showing up late from Orlando, Ed Lacy (keyboards). I expect pictures to be on Patricia’s blog soon!