Uffe Elbaeck rocks Toronto’s Designers with Dialogue

Peter Jones Transformation Design, Wu Wei

Uffe Elbaeck, the founder of Denmark’s innovative social design organization KaosPilot, generously shared his breakthrough leadership experience in organizing the recent Outgames 2009.  While visiting in Toronto, we were very fortunate to have him join us for our Design with Dialogue session, at OCAD’s Strategic Innovation Lab.

Uffe shared his experience using the Kaospilot models for social innovation across the entire lifecycle of the World Outgames event. Sketching models of the decision/knowledge conflict cycle, the design process, stakeholder participation, and organizational leadership, he led us through a visual narrative of creative leadership.  Here he shares the KaosPilot design cycle, an organizational design system for managing communication and developing a design concept based on working through Ideas, Needs, Purposes, and the Values to be addressed in the concept, organization, and practices.

Uffe sketches Outgames model

While in Toronto, Uffe is working on a book on transformative leadership for social change, which we will help promote in 2010. He promises a public lecture and a workshop in November at the Centre for Social Innovation. It will be world-class, and well worth your changing plans to attend.

Reports and presentations of the World Outgames project are linked at the Design with Dialogue community site.