OCAD’s MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Peter JonesTransformation Design, Wu Wei

Toronto’s OCAD is seeking completing the intake for the first class of  students for the new graduate program, MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation. The inaugural class looks outstanding, as most are mid-career multidisciplinary professionals with experience in business and social innovation. They are as smart and experienced as many of the faculty, which helps accelerate the total creation of new knowledge and learning in a rapidly-developing interdisciplinary field.

The OCAD site now describes the program as featuring a platform of social innovation:

The Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation will graduate leaders in social innovation. Students will be encouraged to develop strategic innovations that create sustainable value, economically and ecologically, and that address pressing societal issues pertinent to their particular area of interest in the public, private or voluntary sectors. The program will enable students to:

  • Explore and test new methods of organization, creation and production.
  • Develop strategic, innovative and anticipatory solutions (strategic foresight) and implementation plans for design, business or policy innovations, or for organizational or infrastructural change.
  • Navigate complex problems through the study of systems theory and the analysis of relevant systems including ecological, social, economic and political organizations.
  • Develop an ethical sensibility that promotes socially and ecologically sound responses to complex global issues.

This program has been designed for advanced students to meet the opportunities and challenges of the present world, necessary for leading the co-creation of positive desired futures. Contrasted to other emerging social MBA or business design programs, the OCAD MDes is oriented toward integrating design thinking , human systems and design research for social and business transformation. With a combination of studio, lecture, practicum, and experiential work, students will make their own desired futures real in just two years.

A good thing it can be done in two years, because:  The future has taken forever to arrive, but now that it’s here, it’s already past.

Your future, now. Contact me here if you’re interested.