Designing a Future for our Future

Peter Jones Human Values, Sensemaking, Strategic Foresight

You know the Singularity is coming. Get ready for The Multiplicity.

The workshop entices participants to co-create a future in collaboration as an act of personal foresight. We take on the creation of possible personal scenarios that confront the future opportunities for humanity, positioning our inherent multiplicities as creative narratives to counter the technologically-determined future being called the “singularity.” When we think of the future, we tend to push a vague collection of dreams, possibilities and wishes out to a speculative point in the years following the nearest term. We can guess about the world in two years, we can create plans for 5 years, but 10 and 20 years challenge our personal vision.

As a Design with Dialogue session, we will engage in inquiry (Big Questions), exploration (co-creation with small groups into your questions), and co-producing (harvesting and learning together). People co-exploring make this a fun and personally enriching experience, never again to be repeated in the same way.

The workshop is sponsored by The Design Exchange and is convened by Peter Jones and OCAD University guests as part of the Toronto Design Week Design Offsite Festival.