Design with Dialogue: Framing Perspectives on Mental Wellness

Peter JonesDesign for Care, Design for Practice

An Innovation Town Hall on Mental Wellness

November’s Design with Dialogue invites a wide range of community members to explore the landscape of campus and community mental wellness, the innovation of responsive care, and enhancing health service. With seasoned facilitators and special guests we take on several big questions, as well as those brought to the dialogue in the DwD circle.

  • How can we move beyond the conventional views of mental health and learn from each other?
  • Are there innovations in community and social health that might enhance awareness and improve mental wellbeing?
  • What might we understand together to cultivate empathy and insight about the experience of emotional and mental health journeys?

The Health and Wellness Centre at OCAD University has pursued a positive, innovative course in engaging students and the campus in dialogues to understand experiences in mental health. Partnering with the HWC in this community-focused DwD, we join students, faculty, and community professionals in an exploration into the experience and struggles of mental health and the context of care and health services.

The Innovation Town Hall starts with several perspectives to learn about current, personal and critical issues in mental wellness and care.  Moving from whole group to small group, context stories and health awareness journeys are co-created and shared among groups.

Outcomes of this dialogue will help inform the Health and Wellness Centre’s service and will be considered for potential designs for service enhancement. Please register on Eventbrite for this special session.

Session Hosts

Peter Jones &  Andrea Yip

Andrea Yip, MPH is the Coordinator of Mental Health Initiatives at OCAD U and Ryerson University and is working to co-design a collaborative mental health strategy between both schools. Working along the intersections of art, social design and health promotion, Andrea is coordinates community-led initiatives that have human-centered impact.

Andrea is an advisor to the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and the Wellspring Centre for Innovation.  Twitter: @andrealyip