Design for Care – Toronto Launch

Peter Jones Design for Care

We held the Toronto book launch for Design for Care: Innovating Healthcare Experience at OCAD University July 10, with Rosenfeld Media and Strategic Innovation Lab as cosponsors. I spoke on Design Research for Human-Centred Healthcare, introducing the emerging opportunities for integrating design-led research to improve patient experience and clinical performance.  Josina Vink and George Shewchuk shared their work related to contributions in the book’s cases.

Josina is a recent graduate of the SFI program, with healthcare design experience from Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation and her recent employment at CAMH. George, a current SFI graduate student, shares approaches to visual sensemaking to help clarify understanding and methods for community engagement in health issues.

The presentation is on Slideshare, and the full video will be up on sLab’s website as events become archived.