Design for Care | Opening Book Day

Peter JonesDesign for Care, Service Design

As promised, my book Design for Care is in print and available at Rosenfeld Media and Amazon, with some of the early testimonials. So many engaged designers and healthcare innovators have contributed to the book, so on its launch I’m becoming aware of the relationships and communities standing behind me as the book and their work in the book goes forward. The project’s lead designer, James Caldwell of 418QE, established the themes and design language, within the new Rosenfeld Media book design schema developed just in time for our release.

Rosenfeld Media is a perfect publisher for this emerging field of healthcare design. They design and produce a beautiful and crisply readable paperback (356 pages and just 2/3 inch thick!).

DfC cover

They provide buyers a choice of print AND 3 e-versions, or e-versions only. And they post all the images produced on Flickr with license to borrow and attribute.

One of the first things we’re doing is changing over the Design for Care book community (the Ning site) to Care Design Network, a practitioner hub for designers, healthcare professionals, innovation and service consultants, researchers. You!

My vision and hope for the community site is to sustain the space, its participants, and its content as community for practitioners as the Care Design Network.  There are about 500 people on the community now, from around the world, and primarily North America. The intention is to enable design practitioners, researchers, consultants, and healthcare professionals to find each other’s good work, learn from each other, and post events and opportunities for projects or conference teams.