Design for Care – Clinical Design Competencies for Care Organizations

Peter JonesDesign for Care, Service Design

Design for Care: Future of Healthcare Service Innovation

Friday I present a new discussion of my upcoming Rosenfeld Media book Design for Care on the Healthcare Innovation by Design Pioneers webinar series, sponsored by Dr. Sam Basta. The focus of the webinar is service design in healthcare as a practice of empathic care, and the practices and methods of Clinical Design.

Context: Designing for care complements clinical care practice, improving services and creating innovative responses to complex human problems. Designers are finally starting to make inroads in the world of clinical healthcare, but are finding traditional institutions have not created a context for their contribution. Design for Care explores design practices and methods across the spectrum of healthcare (e.g., consumer, clinical, institutional system), based on the lifecycle of patients and how they navigate care services.

Design for Care inspires cross-sectoral systemic design by introducing methods and practices found effective in different healthcare contexts, illustrated by current cases and design research. Case studies and methods will be presented in the context of patient information seeking and clinical information use.