Axel Enzo Kambitsch Jones 1994-2007

Peter Jones Wu Wei

After returning from a chilled out week in Maine (Port Clyde and Acadia), then a week or so in our Toronto home, we returned to a rapidly dying pussycat. He was not noticeably sick before leaving June 1st, he was still catching and eating chipmunks, but by the 17th was hurting and edemic. Axel has been a constant, delightful companion for 13 years, since inheriting him from Steve Price at Keenan Body Shop, the shop that turned out the 914/6 Monterey, in 1993, that’s now for sale. Axel was a shop cat, and imprinted on the cars as much as he did the others pets Steve kept around the shop grounds. He always loved cars, just like Axel in the Fletcher Hurd book Steve’s son Robbie gave us almost 10 years ago (Axel, The Freeway Cat). Axel Enzo was a car cat. He sampled the ferrous compounds from nearly every visitor’s car’s brake rotors, a bad substance abuse habit he picked up in his kitten year in Northridge at the shop.


We spent the last week with Axel and enjoyed his company, but could not let him suffer any longer. Goodbye Axel, you were a cool cat, we loved you.