RSD12 is Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Peter JonesRSD, Strategic Innovation, Systemic Design

RSD12 is the twelfth iteration of the Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposium and we are entangled over much of the world. With 14 RSD12 HUBS the onsite symposium is hosted this year by systemic design groups in China, Canada, Colombia, India, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, and the USA. Hub programs are 1–3 days in length and are scheduled sequentially from October 6–20. Each hub develops and manages its onsite event, including programming and registration.

RSD12-ONLINE is a ticket to over 30 systemic design sessions and dozens of livestreamed presentations from 14 partnered hubs. The two-week program includes papers, workshops, interactive sessions, systems maps, and guest speakers. The RSD12-ONLINE pass works as a standalone experience or can augment your in-person experience at a hub. Either way, you will be able to jump into a world of systemic design every day from October 6 to October 20. The sessions are scheduled over two weeks to avoid online fatigue, and you can follow several focus areas on your virtual journey.

Registration is open now to get your two-week online ticket for the streamed and interactive sessions of the event.

Entangled in Emergence uses four “entanglements of interest,” to group topics and submissions from multiple perspectives. These entanglements—natural, technological, political and foundational—situate systemic design and designers within the interconnected questions, patterns, and impacts that are shaping the emergent systems reconfiguring our world. Many concepts of entanglements of Interest— are developed in the proceedings and sessions. Join us!