RSD4 – Relating Systems Thinking to Design

Peter Jones Strategic Innovation, Systemic Design

The RSD symposium series has been held each year for four years now, sponsored by AHO (Oslo School of Architecture and Design) from 2012-2014 and this year in Banff. Organized by a four-person team of co-chairs, a group of great reviewers and capable volunteers, we’ve kept the symposium intimate and lightweight, affording a memorable experience. We’ve had extraordinary keynotes, again this year and as the Proceedings for each year show. This year, as the last two years we held 36-38 strong presentations, with a focus on quality design-led research in systemic design. We had 8 workshops held across all 3 days, an experiment in varying the tempo and level of engagement throughout each day.

Although this year’s proceedings are still in process (we integrate papers, abstracts, sketchnotes and PPTs) we have videos and presentations from the keynote speakers to share. We have a tremendous trove of documentation and we’ll organize a compelling story over the next two months to renew the experience and learning.


The keynote videos are now available:

Don Norman – Can HCD Help with Complex Sociotechnical Systems?  

Ann Pendleton-Jullian – Designing for Emergence Working on Radically Contingent Problems.

Mugendi M’Riitha – Renewing Africa’s Quest for Sustainable Energy.   

Ursula Tischner  – “Crowd” based Systemic Design and Innovation for Sustainability

Lia Patricio – A Framework for Co-creating Service Platforms (PDF)

For 2016 (Oct 13-15) my school, OCAD University, will be the hosting institution in Toronto, affording an even larger response between our large university communities and easy access to global travel.



Presentation by Yunsun Chung-Shin Photograph by Peter Jones