Kenneth Boulding: Designing the Designers

Peter JonesSocial Systems Design, Systemic Design

“I suppose what I am really suggesting is a kind of third order mutation to redesign the institutions that design the designers of the designers. This may sound ambitious, but it is, I think, the only response which is likely to deal with quiet extraordinary crises of our times.”

Announcing RSD5, Relating Systems Thinking to Design 5

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RSD5  Systemic Design for Social Complexity Relating Systems Thinking and Design 5 Symposium OCAD University      Toronto, Canada      October 13-15, 2016 The RSD series has advanced an agenda for exploring a strong integration between systems thinking and design to take on the most important challenges facing our planet today. RSD4 held in Banff, Canada September 2015 brought together nearly 200 people together from around the world to explore new dimensions in design-led systems design, transformation and research.  The keynote videos are now available, and the full proceedings are published online. Join us in the vibrant metropolis of Toronto, October 2016 for the fifth symposium hosted at OCAD University  to accelerate a convergence of design, social, and technology fields toward co-creating humanized (eco)systems. The theme of Systemic Design for Social Complexity represents our continuing focus on advanced systemic and service design for contemporary and futures-oriented societal concerns. All social systems become complex over time, developing …

Service Design for Care Workshop

Peter JonesCultural innovation, Design for Care, Social Systems Design

We have started a quarterly series of healthcare service design workshops at OCADU for stakeholder networks, health providers and health agencies.  With an explicit focus on service design and design-led research in healthcare, we hope to raise awareness of the practices and models for service design in clinical and community care settings. Workshop 1 – Inspiring health movements in community networks:  Community network innovations Dr. Rick Botelho, Family physician and U Rochester School of Medicine   Challenge:  How can we mobilize people within their local and extended social networks to socialize health learning and experience to improve population health in the community? Description:  We address the problem of community health through the approach known as catalytic innovation, creating lightweight modes of peer learning appropriate for different types of social networks (online, neighborhood, community centres). To overcome the scarcity mindset in healthcare, patients become an integral solution to these complex problems. These peer-driven …

Relating Systems Thinking to Design 4

Peter JonesSocial Systems Design, Systemic Design

At the Frontiers of Systemic Design Relating Systems Thinking & Design 4 Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada Sept 1-3, 2015 Abstract Deadline: Now 12 April, 2015 For 3 years the Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD) symposium has convened scholars, design researchers, and serious practitioners to articulate and demonstrate the shared value of a transdisciplinary field with applications across all complex systems and services. We invite participation for RSD4 from all those working at the frontiers of systemic design – those leading real projects informed by systemic and complexity theories, and those researching systemic behaviours within real-world complexity, services and systems. For over 70 years both systems and design fields have developed largely outside the academy, but also largely separated, with too few notable thinkers discovering the implicate connections. Design has been largely biased by a practical materialism and driven by theories of use and human-centredness. Systems theory has been biased …