Artful & Disciplined Dialogue for Today’s Wicked Problems

So was the title was published for the C2D2 conference (Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation) just held in Toronto.  While the room was too small for the 15+ participants, and 90 minutes too short for the ideas and activities, we had an energetic and intellectually engaging session. This was the first public presentation of . . . → Read More: Artful & Disciplined Dialogue for Today’s Wicked Problems

Who Transforms in Transformation?

In the BusinessWeek blog, Nussbaum on Design packs all the goodies gathered over the years from “innovation” and drops them into “transformation.” This pronouncement led to well over a dozen responses in the Transforming Transformation Google groups, some of them pages in length. Comparing these responses with the replies to the cheerleading or briefer critical . . . → Read More: Who Transforms in Transformation?

Innovation – Not Dead Yet!

By now, anyone reading Design Dialogues will have heard that Innovation (as a business concept) died in 2008. Bruce Nussbaum, who gets to decide these things, declares at the New Year: “Innovation” is Dead. Herald The Birth of “Transformation” as The Key Concept for 2009.  Scan among the 61 reader comments, and you’ll see today’s . . . → Read More: Innovation – Not Dead Yet!

Elevating the context.

Elevating the context. How can design research move from an anthropocentric unit of study to a planetary / ecological focus? (Not entirely of course, but just to try on the question). Relating this Einstein’s famous quote:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Conside . . . → Read More: Elevating the context.