Designing for Care

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I am inviting experienced designers (and professionals and administrators) to review and advise the course of a new book, Design for Care. Interested and interesting people can register on the book’s community site at

Healthcare is a sector of complex interconnected systems. If we act . . . → Read More: Designing for Care

Intent and Content: Unbooking the Book

Industrial and communications designers, authors, new publishers, product innovators  –  Everyone is rethinking The Book in 2009. So then who owns the concept of the book, anyway? Publishers? Society at large? Those of us who say so? And if we say so, does said ownership prevent certain types of  innovation? What we don’t know . . . → Read More: Intent and Content: Unbooking the Book

Interaction flow or Activity flow?

Boxes and Arrows is a great source for the publication of in-depth discussions of ideas and concepts emerging in the user experience community. Originally more of an information architects how-to, nuts & bolts go-to service, it has grown into a true eJournal with good editorial review and a “real” community of readers that know each . . . → Read More: Interaction flow or Activity flow?

Designing design in non-design organizations

Should designers embed with their clients?

Designers have tied themselves closely to their clients since the early days of the Vatican. In design consulting, you must understand your clients’ business to advise effectively. So we have to work closely with clients to understand their users/customers.

We’ve done this since 2001 as a boutique research/design consulting . . . → Read More: Designing design in non-design organizations