Who Transforms in Transformation?

In the BusinessWeek blog, Nussbaum on Design packs all the goodies gathered over the years from “innovation” and drops them into “transformation.” This pronouncement led to well over a dozen responses in the Transforming Transformation Google groups, some of them pages in length. Comparing these responses with the replies to the cheerleading or briefer critical . . . → Read More: Who Transforms in Transformation?

Goodbye to the Value Subtracting “Finance Economy”

Happy End of 2008! As we pounded the year into oblivion, many of my  favorite blogs flogged the predictions for 2009. Normally, next-year predictions are a yawning so-what. Given the palpable trepidation in the cultural climate though, more attention than usual has been brought to bear.

See, for example, the collection at Depression2.TV (as in, . . . → Read More: Goodbye to the Value Subtracting “Finance Economy”

A Note on New Year’s Socionomics

Bob Jacobson (Total Experience blog) recently posted about the Madoff scandal, and I quote:

“In every culture, the battle of the classes is so intense it overwhelms ethical considerations. Every apparent ally is lauded by those who constitute the culture’s moneyed class — and when the fraud betrays the . . . → Read More: A Note on New Year’s Socionomics

Making a Difference by Design

Like the onerously overused “innovation,” transformation may be getting a bad rap. Both are broad, overstated terms that mean very different things to people, depending on background, experience, industry. Both must be defined in their contexts of use before we can have any serious discussion. The wide range of meanings and uses of transformation should . . . → Read More: Making a Difference by Design