Peak Manifesto

AIGA recently posted a review of the surge of new interest in designer screeds, Manifesto Mania. My search for new manifesti did not find anything significant from designers this time, but just yesterday the Art of Hosting list pointed me to The Evolutionary Manifesto, which challenges the most overarching doctrine I have seen yet. Although . . . → Read More: Peak Manifesto

Flash: Money buys happiness!

Who says? According to a Harvard/UBC study published in Science, so that’s about as authoritative as possible. How so? The title Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness, tells you something about it.

In an HBS interview, co-author Michael Norton explains:

“Intentional activities—practices in which people actively and effortfully choose to engage—may represent a promising route . . . → Read More: Flash: Money buys happiness!

Joseph Weizenbaum – A humane vision for technology

Joe Weizenbaum died at age 85 last week in Berlin, and a few obscure technology news services have published the story. MIT posted its lauds for their alumnus in a press release yesterday, but his passing has not lit up the news wires.  As with many issues in the 21st century, it’s up to the . . . → Read More: Joseph Weizenbaum – A humane vision for technology

Cylons are in the pipeline

The push for strong AI must have a spiritual basis, because after trying and failing to achieve “AGI” from Turing to Neural Nets, most researchers learned something about the human beings they were attempting to model. If it could be done, as Battlestar Galactica warns, we would burn many of our bizarre biases and belief . . . → Read More: Cylons are in the pipeline