Open Letter to the Next US President

From Bernard-Henri Levy, in Huffington Post:

In just fifty days you will be, in theory, the most powerful man in the world.

I say “in theory” because your first challenge will in fact be your country’s decline in power. It’s been so long that we have been hearing about this decline – and now it . . . → Read More: Open Letter to the Next US President

Flash: Money buys happiness!

Who says? According to a Harvard/UBC study published in Science, so that’s about as authoritative as possible. How so? The title Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness, tells you something about it.

In an HBS interview, co-author Michael Norton explains:

“Intentional activities—practices in which people actively and effortfully choose to engage—may represent a promising route . . . → Read More: Flash: Money buys happiness!

Who’s Your City? (Toronto!) Who’s your Company?

Richard Florida’s latest dive off the springboard of the Creative Class shows up in geography – where you choose to live determines your destiny. In the Globe and Mail, Florida himself reviews the premises and thesis of the book Who’s your City?

Where we choose to live, argues the director of the University of . . . → Read More: Who’s Your City? (Toronto!) Who’s your Company?