Brands Reflect Social Change

Thanks to MJ Braide for her (Twitter) lead to this article on Ten Trends in Branding, 2009 Social Change edition. It is always good to keep up with this side of the industry.

Here is a bit of #9 as an example:

Ethical Consumerism has arrived and businesses have . . . → Read More: Brands Reflect Social Change

Toronto 2.0 – Becoming a wired participatory polity

Today’s Globe & Mail reports on ChangeCamp.

What is ChangeCamp? It is the application of ‘the long tail’ to public policy. It is a long-held and false assumption that ordinary citizens don’t care about public policy. The statement isn’t, of itself, false. Many, many, many people truly don’t care that much. They want to live . . . → Read More: Toronto 2.0 – Becoming a wired participatory polity

Who gets to define Citizen Participation?

A week ago 200 people in Toronto started a movement called ChangeCamp, a rapid-response unconference of tech, design, and policy/government people who engaged the question: How do we re-imagine government and citizenship in the age of participation?

I drove up from Dayton the day before ChangeCamp and showed up at 9:00 ready . . . → Read More: Who gets to define Citizen Participation?

Who Transforms in Transformation?

In the BusinessWeek blog, Nussbaum on Design packs all the goodies gathered over the years from “innovation” and drops them into “transformation.” This pronouncement led to well over a dozen responses in the Transforming Transformation Google groups, some of them pages in length. Comparing these responses with the replies to the cheerleading or briefer critical . . . → Read More: Who Transforms in Transformation?