H1N1 Online Response site

Microsoft in collaboration with Emory and CDC has set up a consumer website for self-assessment of the H1N1 fl – www.h1n1responsecenter.com

I found this at HealthTechnica.com, a very professional blog site with the tagline “Patients First, Technology First.” However, much of the tech seems more administrative than patient-centered, is as most healthcare technology. (A point . . . → Read More: H1N1 Online Response site

“Reforming” the US Healthcare “system”

First off, its not a system, and we should reclaim our correct use of the word. It is a system in the way officials like to call the incarceration process the “justice system.” System dignifies this mess as if it were an assembly of planned processes directed toward beneficial outcomes. And the way we toss . . . → Read More: “Reforming” the US Healthcare “system”

Designing for Care

Reposted from the Rosenfeld book site / author blog.

I am inviting experienced designers (and professionals and administrators) to review and advise the course of a new book, Design for Care. Interested and interesting people can register on the book’s community site at designforcare.com.

Healthcare is a sector of complex interconnected systems. If we act . . . → Read More: Designing for Care

Google Plays Doctor

And Microsoft also wants your health records as well. The New York Times reports on the NEJM article warning about the entrants of mega-players GOOG and MSFT as purveyors of your private healthcare information. These are not altruistic enterprises – they have to turn a profit on this somehow. So it does make one wonder . . . → Read More: Google Plays Doctor