Google Plays Doctor

And Microsoft also wants your health records as well. The New York Times reports on the NEJM article warning about the entrants of mega-players GOOG and MSFT as purveyors of your private healthcare information. These are not altruistic enterprises – they have to turn a profit on this somehow. So it does make one wonder . . . → Read More: Google Plays Doctor

Multisensory Medical Informatics

Wow – The Wii earns my respect as a serious haptic interface. A University of Arizona team has shown improvements in fine hand motor skill developed from exercises in continuous practice of the Wii for simulated laproscopy.

I’ve interacted with the virtual gall bladder removal and cauterization simulation at Riverside Methodist hospital’s Virtual Care Unit. . . . → Read More: Multisensory Medical Informatics

“Mass consumerization of health information”

What does that really mean? Here’s the reference, from this week’s NY Times: Google and Microsoft Look to Change Health Care (And since they charge for content once its a few days old, I’ve posted a few paras fair-use style below).

I see the possible head-on collision of supply-side healthcare information services with the recognition . . . → Read More: “Mass consumerization of health information”

2Collaboration with Elsevier

Beta launch of 2collab – Elsevier’s new social bookmarking and networking tool has been released in Beta. I’ve registered and started tagging some articles – I’m finding it very simple to get in and working with it. Try it out yourself and see –

On June 26, the beta version of 2collab was launched to . . . → Read More: 2Collaboration with Elsevier