The world is flat (lined)

According to Thomas Friedman, we need a green revolution. And we will get one, by necessity and the need for local resilience in the face of the global wave of multiple defaults.

Another green revolution is underway – a green (money) revolution, but perhaps not as we planned or designed. Allow me to post the . . . → Read More: The world is flat (lined)

Who’s Your City? (Toronto!) Who’s your Company?

Richard Florida’s latest dive off the springboard of the Creative Class shows up in geography – where you choose to live determines your destiny. In the Globe and Mail, Florida himself reviews the premises and thesis of the book Who’s your City?

Where we choose to live, argues the director of the University of . . . → Read More: Who’s Your City? (Toronto!) Who’s your Company?

Visual Global Sensing

Could the mashup of Flickr + geovisualization generate a global Panopticon?  Robert Ouellette’s Gagglescape tipped me off to Flickr’s World Vision, a constantly circulating slide show of extraordinary images picked up from every point on the globe.

The slideshow effect is mesmerizing, because these are images you would not be finding otherwise, it’s unlikely . . . → Read More: Visual Global Sensing

Bursting at the Seams

Jeffrey Sachs – Speaking on solving global problems at the Reith Lectures. He may be a one-man Club of Rome.

And how can it be, ladies and gentlemen, that we think we can be safe? We think we can be safe when we leave a billion people to struggle literally for their daily survival, the . . . → Read More: Bursting at the Seams