Business as Agent of World Benefit

This year’s Global Forum at Case Western, Business as Agent of World Benefit, brings a stellar A-list of presenters and world-class problems together for 3 days of workshops, discussions, and Appreciative Inquiry dialogues. With keynotes and discussions from everyone from Bill McDonough to Janine Benryus, and bringing U Toronto’s Roger Martin together with Case’s Cooperrider . . . → Read More: Business as Agent of World Benefit

Brands Reflect Social Change

Thanks to MJ Braide for her (Twitter) lead to this article on Ten Trends in Branding, 2009 Social Change edition. It is always good to keep up with this side of the industry.

Here is a bit of #9 as an example:

Ethical Consumerism has arrived and businesses have . . . → Read More: Brands Reflect Social Change

Transformation design opportunity: US financial system

In our fields of practice (consulting, design, innovation) the “elephant in the room” that people ignore is that of the impact of the current market transformation of financial systems, large banks, and global investment banks. And mortgage packagers and guarantors. With AIG, we are seeing the implosion and bailout of the world’s largest insurer. . . . → Read More: Transformation design opportunity: US financial system


UK’s Trendwatching gives us OFF=ON. Everything offline takes on characteristics of the online (esp Web 2.0) world. Indeed this is a trend many of us have pushed with clients overly investing their brands in one medium/world or the other, but not both effectively. The primary vector in their article is mapping online features, design, and . . . → Read More: OFF + ON