OCAD’s MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Toronto’s OCAD is seeking completing the intake for the first class of  students for the new graduate program, MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation. The inaugural class looks outstanding, as most are mid-career multidisciplinary professionals with experience in business and social innovation. They are as smart and experienced as many of the faculty, which helps . . . → Read More: OCAD’s MDes in Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Who Transforms in Transformation?

In the BusinessWeek blog, Nussbaum on Design packs all the goodies gathered over the years from “innovation” and drops them into “transformation.” This pronouncement led to well over a dozen responses in the Transforming Transformation Google groups, some of them pages in length. Comparing these responses with the replies to the cheerleading or briefer critical . . . → Read More: Who Transforms in Transformation?

Innovation – Not Dead Yet!

By now, anyone reading Design Dialogues will have heard that Innovation (as a business concept) died in 2008. Bruce Nussbaum, who gets to decide these things, declares at the New Year: “Innovation” is Dead. Herald The Birth of “Transformation” as The Key Concept for 2009.  Scan among the 61 reader comments, and you’ll see today’s . . . → Read More: Innovation – Not Dead Yet!

The Collapse of American Capitalism, What’s Next?

One of my doctoral committee members, Alex Pattakos, blogs for HuffingtonPost and wrote Meaningful Capitalism: Change We Can Believe In. In response to the article and some of the comments, I said:

Organizations pursuing meaningful entrepreneurship are not in strong evidence by the media. We ourselves should become the new news media that changes the . . . → Read More: The Collapse of American Capitalism, What’s Next?