Synergetics: Buckminster Fuller Revival

Southern Illinois University Carbondale recently held the Synergetics conference, a symposium revival of Buckminster Fuller’s work, faculty, and former students at his last major home institution. Invited speakers included former Design students and faculty Bill Lunderman (Colgate) and Larry Busch.

Invited speakers included me, Jennifer Rice (Fruitful Strategy),  and Steelcase’s Melissa DeSota.  Keynote was Thomas . . . → Read More: Synergetics: Buckminster Fuller Revival

Wiki Government: Engaging Citizen Intelligence

The US Government is looking for input on a proposed ExpertNet platform to interrogate the open community of citizens for knowledge and expertise pertaining to – well – anything that may be required to know in the future! This sounds like a great idea and we would love to propose a concept for such a national . . . → Read More: Wiki Government: Engaging Citizen Intelligence

Design Leadership for Problem Systems

The design industry grew rapidly in the 20th century, by satisfying the massive and growing needs of consumer products, industrial systems, and a business ethos of growth, fueled by advertising. I observe a significant change occurring in the language and outlook of people in the design fields, especially apparent in my adopted home city of . . . → Read More: Design Leadership for Problem Systems

The Optimal Geometry of Social Design

Apparently, that shape is not a “T.”

Kevin McCullagh (as well as Humantific’s own Elizabeth Pastor) attended and spoke at the DMI Design Management Conference earlier this month and now tells on Is it Time to Rethink the T-Shaped Designer in CORE77.  First of all, I’m jazzed to see DMI ratcheting up the relevance. And . . . → Read More: The Optimal Geometry of Social Design