Flourishing Cities: Toward an Ecological Governance

We held a participatory design workshop at Urban Ecologies 2015 (June 19) to test-run a process with the Flourishing Cities canvas, a system map for citizen co-design for planning future governance commitments and preferred future outcomes The Flourishing Cities framework adapts a design tool from the Flourishing Business Model, a planning system for constructing strongly sustainable business models. . . . → Read More: Flourishing Cities: Toward an Ecological Governance

Learning from the Global Community of Dialogic Design

Co-Evolving SDD Practice

In several short years, many leaders and institutions now openly acknowledge the necessity for inclusive social transformation. We also now find stakeholders raising the concern that social change must be driven by participatory and democratic processes. We recognize the fact that our third millennium world needs new methodologies and new tools capable of harnessing the collective wisdom . . . → Read More: Learning from the Global Community of Dialogic Design

Reproduction of Disruption

How Innovation Regimes Reproduce Culture

Media Ecology Association, Toronto, June 20, 2014

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”  John Culkin, SJ (Usually attributed to his friend, Marshall McLuhan)

We live in a technogenic culture – a society that generates ever more technology, whether necessary or not. Mainstream culture celebrates the economic . . . → Read More: Reproduction of Disruption

Design Thinking’s Convergence Diversion

(Updated from 2010)

We now tend to think of design thinking as embracing all that represents “new design.”  Yet there remains more value in some of the original views of design thinking from decades ago than in most of what’s presented today. Design thinking is often treated as a process for moving an idea from . . . → Read More: Design Thinking’s Convergence Diversion