RSD5 Symposium Proceedings

Every year we publish the proceedings of the RSD Symposium as an Open Access online serial, following the conference, in a post-publication model allowing authors to gain feedback from participants and fold community insights into their publishable work.  The following RSD5 presentations have PDF decks, sketchnotes, and published articles now available. See the RSD5 site . . . → Read More: RSD5 Symposium Proceedings

Integrative Design Healthcare Charette

Prof John Marshall, program director for the new Stamps School of Design Integrative Design MDes, invited us to facilitate a multi-stakeholder charrette in December with their students and professors to develop proposals for the Ann Arbor VA Hospital and community. Working with John and the VA’s key stakeholders for innovation and ambulatory care, the Redesign team employed . . . → Read More: Integrative Design Healthcare Charette

Kenneth Boulding: Designing the Designers

“I suppose what I am really suggesting is a kind of third order mutation to redesign the institutions that design the designers of the designers. This may sound ambitious, but it is, I think, the only response which is likely to deal with quiet extraordinary crises of our times.”

. . . → Read More: Kenneth Boulding: Designing the Designers

Announcing RSD5, Relating Systems Thinking to Design 5

RSD5  Systemic Design for Social Complexity

Relating Systems Thinking and Design 5 Symposium OCAD University      Toronto, Canada      October 13-15, 2016

The RSD series has advanced an agenda for exploring a strong integration between systems thinking and design to take on the most important challenges facing our planet today. RSD4 held in Banff, Canada September 2015 . . . → Read More: Announcing RSD5, Relating Systems Thinking to Design 5