Technology Will Not Save Healthcare

The near term (Horizon 2) promises exciting and provocative proposals for the envisioned role of emerging technology in health services. Personalized medication. Concierge medical advising for the masses. And iPads (or whatever they become) for everyone.

In Dr. Eric Topol’s The Creative Destruction of Medicine there are fantastic ideas for the possibilities of technology and . . . → Read More: Technology Will Not Save Healthcare

Wikipedia – The Sound of a Million Monkeys Typing

Britannica finally shut down its print version, and of course pundits blamed Wikipedia. They might have blamed Britannica online, on which you can search for free and read longer pieces. Just like Wikipedia.

We, the Weberati,  have been entranced by the rapid growth and apparent cooperative organization of the free-to-read Wikipedia.  Academics and commentators have . . . → Read More: Wikipedia – The Sound of a Million Monkeys Typing

Future Shock 3.0

(Or is it just in the spirit of Global Future Day, March 1st? Not the best day to have chosen IMO.) Future Shock 1.0 foresaw the 1970’s oil and geo-political shocks, and let’s say 2.0 was pre-millennial fear. Future Shock 3.0 rains down upon our culture – as hopeful optimism. Over-optimism is what they call . . . → Read More: Future Shock 3.0

Apple’s Insanely Great Business Strategy

Fast Company online presents an infodense infographic on Apple’s Macintosh product evolution and its fit to long-term business strategy.

 “And then Steve Jobs came back. Sure, he refocused the company on designing great products. But he also pulled off the corporate strategy that he succinctly described as “stopping all the crap.” As a B-school professor . . . → Read More: Apple’s Insanely Great Business Strategy