Reproduction of Disruption

How Innovation Regimes Reproduce Culture

Media Ecology Association, Toronto, June 20, 2014

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”  John Culkin, SJ (Usually attributed to his friend, Marshall McLuhan)

We live in a technogenic culture – a society that generates ever more technology, whether necessary or not. Mainstream culture celebrates the economic . . . → Read More: Reproduction of Disruption

Roger Martin on Strategy by Discovery

Roger Martin’s current post on the HBR Blog offers a brief discussion on the profound concept and method of interactive strategy. Help Leaders Be Less Useless at Strategy suggests managers (and those of us aiding them) adopt a early review of framing, strategic challenges, and priorities and options. Consistent with “Decision Design,” Roger shows how . . . → Read More: Roger Martin on Strategy by Discovery

The Healthcare Innovator’s Challenge

Adapted from Design for Care (page 253 )

The innovator’s challenge in healthcare is not a technological fix – it is more to understand and preserve core values of human care while changing practices for durable social and economic benefit. Although economic value is often a pivotal driver of innovation adoption, cost management is not . . . → Read More: The Healthcare Innovator’s Challenge

Managing Healthcare Innovation as a Design Process

Based on a talk for the Southern Ohio branch of the Project Management Institute (Healthcare group). Many thanks to PMI for their sponsorship.

Healthcare innovation has been led by technology providers, almost entirely, over the period we consider relevant to “innovation” (1970’s – current). Innovation has been a supply-side approach, led by information technology (EMRs . . . → Read More: Managing Healthcare Innovation as a Design Process