Soft Service Design: Campus Mental Health

Design for Health (2017)

Design for Health – Published by Routledge May 2017,   Edited by Emmanuel Tsekleves and Rachel Cooper (Editorial overview of book and chapters)

Chapter 3:  Soft Service Design around the Envelope of Healthcare

Better alternatives to improving population health have been sought by healthcare policymakers and the front-line clinicians who see patients in . . . → Read More: Soft Service Design: Campus Mental Health

RSD5 Symposium Proceedings

Every year we publish the proceedings of the RSD Symposium as an Open Access online serial, following the conference, in a post-publication model allowing authors to gain feedback from participants and fold community insights into their publishable work.  The following RSD5 presentations have PDF decks, sketchnotes, and published articles now available. See the RSD5 site . . . → Read More: RSD5 Symposium Proceedings

Anticipatory Factors in Dialogic Design

Presented at ISSS 2016, Boulder CO  July 28, 2016

Applications of the systemic practices of dialogic design (Structured Dialogic Design and it variants) have recently developed and integrated futures and foresight models as anticipatory frameworks for policy and long-term planning situations (Weigand, et al, 2014). We have identified this model of practice as collaborative foresight, . . . → Read More: Anticipatory Factors in Dialogic Design

Rethinking “Design” in the Public Sector

(Edited version first published in Jan 2016 Canadian Government Executive )

Government is widely perceived as lagging and fragmented in providing integrated online services to citizens. In the meantime, people take to the Web for managing nearly every service and information requirement. We have learned to expect a high quality of customer service online, well-designed sites . . . → Read More: Rethinking “Design” in the Public Sector