Sustainism & a Neologism Manifesto

Why are neologisms sometimes effective, and sometimes not? Why do they work when they work?

Neologisms are plays on words that coin a new expression, usually as a mashup of ideas in current circulation. They work well because, like sound bites or advertising slogans, they compress the currency of our concerns into a memorable meme . . . → Read More: Sustainism & a Neologism Manifesto

Thank You for Sharing

Michael Brenner proposes Shut Up Wednesdays, and I like this idea. We all talk too much these days. With two huge cohorts of talkers (Boomers + Millenials), “social everything,” and the general anxiety to look good when all is crashing down around us, I find myself overwhelmed by trivial chat.

Here’s the key blurb on . . . → Read More: Thank You for Sharing

Understanding New Media

OCAD and U of Toronto’s Bob Logan has published a new book just in time for 2011’s McLuhan Centenary: Understanding New Media:  Extending Marshall McLuhan

From the press release (because I have not yet read it):  Marshall McLuhan made many predictions in his seminal 1964 publication, Understanding Media: Extensions of Man. Among them were his . . . → Read More: Understanding New Media