What Jaron said …

Today’s New York Times places Jaron Lanier as a central voice contra-pundit to the extremes of discourse in the SOPA/PIPA copyright controversies. I’ve posted my thoughts directly in response to other articles. Jaron’s is one of the long-range views that actually comes from insight into multiple industries and the effects of poor decisions made a . . . → Read More: What Jaron said …

What’s Your Occupation?

We have been working with Occupy Toronto for a few weeks now, and have even ramped up the engagement since the camp came down mid-week.

Grad students and even president Sara Diamond from OCAD University have been involved , along with the Design Exchange, with two major community events located (ironically enough) in the deco-era . . . → Read More: What’s Your Occupation?

Mac people are friendly, but are Macs?

I often make a simple argument on behalf of the Windows (7) system, which I advocate as significantly more usable than the Mac OSX. And yes, I use both, regularly. I like the idea of just listing a number of operations the Mac does poorly, Dave Letterman style, from my own experience of working with . . . → Read More: Mac people are friendly, but are Macs?

McLuhan 100 in Toronto – July 18 – 24

Marshall would have loved it. Please celebrate McLuhan’s 100th birthday recognition around the city next week.


McLuhan at 100: Programs from the CBC Archives at the Graham Spry Theatre, CBC, provides an introduction to Marshall McLuhan and the MLN Festival. This special program of rare archival films will be . . . → Read More: McLuhan 100 in Toronto – July 18 – 24