MISC Magazine Interview

Interview with Dr. Peter Jones

Thanks to Dustin Johnston-Jewell, Strategic Foresighter at Idea Couture and SFI MDes grad student, for the terrific interview and publication in IC’s MISC magazine.

While MISC is Idea Couture’s own curated and published magazine, it has very high design values and a good range of authors, from within the fast-growing . . . → Read More: MISC Magazine Interview

Appetite for Disruption

The goal of a startup is no longer just user engagement or viability. A “preference for disruption” is celebrated, without reservation, whether a small or big business. (Only recently were reservations even fussed over – Jill Lepore’s critique of Disruption culture was published the week after this conference talk, June 23.)  She states (without critical . . . → Read More: Appetite for Disruption

Reproduction of Disruption

How Innovation Regimes Reproduce Culture

Media Ecology Association, Toronto, June 20, 2014

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us”  John Culkin, SJ (Usually attributed to his friend, Marshall McLuhan)

We live in a technogenic culture – a society that generates ever more technology, whether necessary or not. Mainstream culture celebrates the economic . . . → Read More: Reproduction of Disruption

To hate on the Internets, Click Here.

In the current Guardian, American novelist Jonathan Franzen writes “What’s wrong with the modern world?”  Franzen retrieves cranky German polemicist Karl Kraus from the 1930’s to buttress a literary critique of the cultural evaporation accelerated by Big Capital solutionist appropriation of the Internets. Perhaps because there are so few public techno-critics in literary culture in . . . → Read More: To hate on the Internets, Click Here.