What Jaron said …

Today’s New York Times places Jaron Lanier as a central voice contra-pundit to the extremes of discourse in the SOPA/PIPA copyright controversies. I’ve posted my thoughts directly in response to other articles. Jaron’s is one of the long-range views that actually comes from insight into multiple industries and the effects of poor decisions made a . . . → Read More: What Jaron said …

Path Dependency of Innovation Platforms

In Creation Myth,  Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker article, we get an in-depth telling of the original story of how Steve Jobs gained access to Xerox PARC’s Alto project and re-engineered the concept for a mass market. The article doesn’t discuss the Mac,  but instead the story of Xerox’s internal dynamics that led to major inventions . . . → Read More: Path Dependency of Innovation Platforms

Five Ways Design Firms Fail at Innovation

I know HBR is about the success story, so we are all awkward when it comes to writign about failure, the focus of the special online issue. I wrote a book about organizational and product failure, in 2008, and was told by designers even in that golden year of failures that “fail doesn’t sell.”  But . . . → Read More: Five Ways Design Firms Fail at Innovation

Healthcare Experience Design: 4.11.11

The first Healthcare Experience Design conference, a one-day symposium held in Boston April 11, sold out with nearly 300 participants across all sectors and industries.  The program selected leading speakers and designers in four tracks of presentations:

Patient-Centric Design Designing for Care: Provider Interfaces and Care Environments Facilitating Engagement New Models for Healthcare Delivery

Keynote . . . → Read More: Healthcare Experience Design: 4.11.11