Integrative Design Healthcare Charette

Prof John Marshall, program director for the new Stamps School of Design Integrative Design MDes, invited us to facilitate a multi-stakeholder charrette in December with their students and professors to develop proposals for the Ann Arbor VA Hospital and community. Working with John and the VA’s key stakeholders for innovation and ambulatory care, the Redesign team employed . . . → Read More: Integrative Design Healthcare Charette

Appetite for Disruption

The goal of a startup is no longer just user engagement or viability. A “preference for disruption” is celebrated, without reservation, whether a small or big business. (Only recently were reservations even fussed over – Jill Lepore’s critique of Disruption culture was published the week after this conference talk, June 23.)  She states (without critical . . . → Read More: Appetite for Disruption

Reframing innovation value – From products to service strategies

Shifting (Successfully) to a Knowledge-based Economy

The fundamental basis of the knowledge-based economy has shifted from manufacturing (product-based) economies to production based on services and service management. The advanced economies of the US, Europe and Japan have already shifted largely to service provision. As this period has overlapped with the offloading of mass manufacturing to . . . → Read More: Reframing innovation value – From products to service strategies

Strategic Foresight for Building Civilization 2.0

Seeing and Shaping Our future: Becoming Better Agents of Change and Transformation

Several grad students and faculty from OCADU Strategic Foresight & Innovation engaged in this two-day workshop held at the Design Exchange, conducted by Ruben Nelson of Foresight Canada. The opportunity was extended by The British Council for us to participate, and we joined . . . → Read More: Strategic Foresight for Building Civilization 2.0