Critiquing the Critics of Peer-Review

I wonder why scientists, who require significant levels of validation in work in their own disciplines, make rather un-scientific analyses about scientific practices. In this case, paper publishing and peer review.

Peer review, the blind circulation of research manuscripts among a community of reviewers for assessing editorial and content fit to a journal topic, has . . . → Read More: Critiquing the Critics of Peer-Review

21st Century Book Burning reports on the end of books, as we know them, at least for this Boston area prep school.

Cushing Academy has all the hallmarks of a New England prep school, with one exception.

This year, after having amassed a collection of more than 20,000 books, officials at the pristine campus about 90 minutes west . . . → Read More: 21st Century Book Burning

Evolution of the Reader Experience (Part II)

What is “the book” becoming? Will we see the eBook becoming a better delivery of the “reader’s experience?” Or will the printed, bound book continue to deliver a superior interface? In what situations will an eBook outperform the print book? What features will enable the eBook reader to finally excel in supporting a human reader . . . → Read More: Evolution of the Reader Experience (Part II)

eBook Revolution or More Evolution?

How the E-Book Will Change the Way We Read and Write

Required reading – Steven Johnson believes eBooks are at a significant tipping point and a widely innovative range of uses will proceed. This is based largely on the Google hegemony of access, visibility, and social interactions around the book. It also sounds a bit . . . → Read More: eBook Revolution or More Evolution?