What’s Your Occupation?

We have been working with Occupy Toronto for a few weeks now, and have even ramped up the engagement since the camp came down mid-week.

Grad students and even president Sara Diamond from OCAD University have been involved , along with the Design Exchange, with two major community events located (ironically enough) in the deco-era . . . → Read More: What’s Your Occupation?

Contrarian, Spiritual, Strategic Innovation

We often speak of social innovation as if we’re applying the principles of business and product innovation to a social product. However, there are significant differences in how we treat service markets and how we participate in communities where we (and participants) have a democratic stake. They are both social systems, but markets are organized . . . → Read More: Contrarian, Spiritual, Strategic Innovation

Organizational evolution: Are values really accessible in design?

In expanding roles as social designers and process facilitators, can we help communities and organizations change an enduring and robust values system?  If we are outside of the social system being intervened, can we really help change values, or is this an inside job?

I’ve been part of an online argument about this question. Systems . . . → Read More: Organizational evolution: Are values really accessible in design?

What is our “Standard of Care” for Design?

Designers and people in the caring professions may have different and valid ways to think about caring and systems. On the Wenovski design community a wide-ranging discussion involves the question of designing “systems that care.” I take a position that we can care for systems practices, but systems will not perform as caring agents. (We . . . → Read More: What is our “Standard of Care” for Design?