Appetite for Disruption

The goal of a startup is no longer just user engagement or viability. A “preference for disruption” is celebrated, without reservation, whether a small or big business. (Only recently were reservations even fussed over – Jill Lepore’s critique of Disruption culture was published the week after this conference talk, June 23.)  She states (without critical . . . → Read More: Appetite for Disruption

Posted Sunday morning, without comment

Zimmerman verdict: A green light for racist vigilantes

Nice Day for a Lynching

The bloodhounds look like sad old judges In a strange court. They point their noses At the Negro jerking in the tight noose; His feet spread crow-like above these Honorable men who laugh as he chokes.

I don’t know this black . . . → Read More: Posted Sunday morning, without comment

A collective failure of moral imagination?

Let’s summarize this week’s headlines with an eye toward the moral hazard now acceptable in every consequential context. The Masters of the Universe have disavowed risk entirely, so, apparently, are we asked to forgive and forget the debts to humanity owed by the amoral 1%.

Lagarde says with respect to Greece “I am not in . . . → Read More: A collective failure of moral imagination?

Designing a Future for our Future

You know the Singularity is coming. Get ready for The Multiplicity.

The workshop entices participants to co-create a future in collaboration as an act of personal foresight. We take on the creation of possible personal scenarios that confront the future opportunities for humanity, positioning our inherent multiplicities as creative narratives to counter the technologically-determined future . . . → Read More: Designing a Future for our Future