Path Dependency of Innovation Platforms

In Creation Myth,  Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker article, we get an in-depth telling of the original story of how Steve Jobs gained access to Xerox PARC’s Alto project and re-engineered the concept for a mass market. The article doesn’t discuss the Mac,  but instead the story of Xerox’s internal dynamics that led to major inventions . . . → Read More: Path Dependency of Innovation Platforms

OCADU wins the Rotman Design Challenge

Congratulations to the OCADU team for winning the Rotman Design Challenge!

The team from our first year OCAD University graduate program MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation won the Rotman Design Challenge on Saturday, for a high-touch (not high-tech) proposal for Mayo Clinic for early disease prevention, Mayo Moms. Mayo Moms leveraged a known health . . . → Read More: OCADU wins the Rotman Design Challenge

Sustainism & a Neologism Manifesto

Why are neologisms sometimes effective, and sometimes not? Why do they work when they work?

Neologisms are plays on words that coin a new expression, usually as a mashup of ideas in current circulation. They work well because, like sound bites or advertising slogans, they compress the currency of our concerns into a memorable meme . . . → Read More: Sustainism & a Neologism Manifesto

Future Designing

Future designing is and always will be a process of figuring things out.

The human animal has been named, by some, homo faber, people who make, and making is the primary act in designing. Art, design, and engineering share this impulse and endow it with vocabularies that contain some people inside the practice, and place . . . → Read More: Future Designing