Imagining Canada’s Future

Canada’s research council for social science and humanities, SSHRC, funded six regional panels to understand and imagine possible futures for the country in a global context through the next two decades.  Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) at OCAD University led a panel for the Southern Ontario region, in partnership with University of Ontario Institute of Technology . . . → Read More: Imagining Canada’s Future

A collective failure of moral imagination?

Let’s summarize this week’s headlines with an eye toward the moral hazard now acceptable in every consequential context. The Masters of the Universe have disavowed risk entirely, so, apparently, are we asked to forgive and forget the debts to humanity owed by the amoral 1%.

Lagarde says with respect to Greece “I am not in . . . → Read More: A collective failure of moral imagination?

Technology Will Not Save Healthcare

The near term (Horizon 2) promises exciting and provocative proposals for the envisioned role of emerging technology in health services. Personalized medication. Concierge medical advising for the masses. And iPads (or whatever they become) for everyone.

In Dr. Eric Topol’s The Creative Destruction of Medicine there are fantastic ideas for the possibilities of technology and . . . → Read More: Technology Will Not Save Healthcare

Strategic Foresight for Building Civilization 2.0

Seeing and Shaping Our future: Becoming Better Agents of Change and Transformation

Several grad students and faculty from OCADU Strategic Foresight & Innovation engaged in this two-day workshop held at the Design Exchange, conducted by Ruben Nelson of Foresight Canada. The opportunity was extended by The British Council for us to participate, and we joined . . . → Read More: Strategic Foresight for Building Civilization 2.0